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Is your business Mobile Friendly?

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Is your business Mobile Friendly?

Your Website

You may already be aware that your website should… no must be mobile friendly these days. Not only will google penalise your site in their search results if it isn’t, but in the fast paced, impatient society we live in, visitors to your site might punish you too.frustrated man mobile

When a website isn’t mobile responsive you’re forced to have to try and zoom in to be able to read small text, links are a pain to click on and sometimes content isn’t even viewable on the screen. As a result, most users get frustrated, give up and leave.

So not only are these websites losing customers but this can also affect what’s called “bounce rate.” Basically this is a percentage that is calculated based on how much time a visitor stays on your site. The longer they stay, the better the bounce rate which is another factor that contributes to how your website shows up in search engine results. If people are abandoning your site quickly, google will see that as a sign that your website isn’t very useful and your rankings can drop even further.

The solution is straightforward; your website simply has to be mobile friendly, or be prepared to suffer the consequences. Some developers are able to convert a website to a mobile friendly one, but often it’s just easier to start again and a fresh look never hurts anyway. Yes it does mean you have to spend more money, but what will it cost you if you don’t?

What about Facebook?

So obviously the platform of Facebook itself is mobile responsive but if you have a Fanpage for your business; has the content and images you are posting been optimised?

So many times I see Fanpages posting great images, but they’ve been cropped or text is hidden behind Facebook’s content and so on because they haven’t been optimised. When you go to the effort of sharing content on Facebook you want it to look it’s best right?

At the end of this article is a link to a fantastic website that has a Master Guide for all Facebook Image Dimensions, but first I want to touch on cover images specifically.

Take a look at the following cover photo I used to have for my own Fanpage. It looks great on a desktop, but on a phone, you can’t see my logo or contact details, half the text is cropped out… it’s far from ideal.

Facebook Fanpage cover image sample

There is some compromise involved in creating a cover image that works on both desktops and mobiles but if you’re a perfectionist like me, I am sure you’ll appreciate the result. Considering that the majority of Facebook users view it on their mobiles phones, being mobile-friendly is well worth the time.

Now look at the difference at this more recent cover image. I’ve lost the sales badge in the mobile view, but it’s just simply gone, not half cropped out and both the image and text on this cover still look good on both views.

Facebook Fanpage cover image sample

If it’s all a bit hard and you would like some help with your Facebook Cover image designs, this is a service we provide. Check out the Logo and Graphic Design Section of our website for more info, or feel free to get in touch!

Now click here to check out Jon Loomer’s Master Guide to All Facebook Image Dimensions and Ad Specs [2015]

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