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Let a super nerd take care of all the geeky stuff for you and get a fabulous new website today!

Web Design Made Easy

Having an online presence that is both attractive and functional is vital to any business these days.

When planning a website though it’s easy to get overwhelmed not only by the abundance of web designers to choose from, but also by all the platform options available, not to mention the mind baffling jargon.
It can all get very confusing, which is where Rivmedia comes in!

Avoid the stress and let a super nerd take care of all the geeky stuff for you…

Our Process

Before providing a customised quote, we ask all our clients to complete a questionnaire form.
The form not only guides us in developing your site and creating a plan that makes sense for your business, but also serves to help you decide what kind of site you want & what your priorities are.

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Research & Planning

We gain a better understanding of your business; what you do, your customers and your goals to determine how your website will factor into all of this.

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Once armed with this information we can begin planning the design side of your site and what will work for the both the look and functionality you require.

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We begin building your site and adding required functionalities. This is done on our own hosting space so we can fully evaluate and test the site as needed before it is launched.

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Once development is complete and the site has your tick of approval, we can officially publish your awesome new website!

Why Choose Us

With so many web designers to choose from, why should you entrust us with such an important asset to your business?

We can provide self-managed websites, online stores and bespoke html sites, so no matter what your needs we can help

We initially learned to build websites by code (html, css etc) which means that unlike some designers, we know how customise the code of modern themes/templates when needed to fully suits your needs

With us you will have complete ownership and management of your domain & hosting

We focus not just on your site's visual appeal but also on how it functions & ensuring a good user experience

Search engine optimisation (so your site can be found by Google, Bing etc.) is standard in all our packages; not an extra

Development sites are created on our private hosting so a full evaluation can occur before publication & so your current site (if you have one) can remain live without disruption

One on one training to learn how to use and manage site. (Via phone available if in-person not an option)

Free maintenance & support for 1 month following your site's launch

Affordable rates for any future maintenance / updates

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Your Investment

We don’t have set packages and pricing as we prefer to tailer packages on an individual basis to suit your specific needs.

Price is largely dependant on the complexity of your site and what inclusions you have. As a guide, our packages generally range from $1990 to $3990, but please contact us for an obligation free quote.

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Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works

-Steve Jobs


Whether someone hears about your business via word of mouth or paid advertising, about 80% of consumers use the internet to find out more about you before making a purchase.

The first impression your customers get from your website can therefore play a major role in your success. Creating that great first impression is so much more than just having a site that is visually appealing, it needs to be:

Easy to use and simple to navigate

Attracts the attention of search engines (like Google) so it’s easy to find

Consistent with your business branding

Converts site visitors into customers

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Recent Website Design Projects

With a focus on attractive designs and functionality; at Rivmedia we are committed to creating web design solutions you’ll be thrilled with!

So, ready to get your business online? Great!

First, we would love it if you could complete our website quote request form so we can get a little information about you, your business and what you need.

If you hate forms, don’t hesitate to give us a call instead on 0458 787 316, we’re always up for a chat!

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